Act! Chronicles – Collaborate on CRM Contacts without the Cloud

ACT! Server Network Multi-User SyncOne of the key reasons why businesses rush to the Cloud is to enable users to access content from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  This is beneficial when users are highly mobile or there are multiple work and office locations.  The drawback is that without an Internet connection, work and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) come to a complete halt.

If you do have multiple people in your office that need to collaborate and share a centralized, institutional customer relationship system, ACT! Premium 2013 can be installed on your own company server and shared with everyone in your Office.  In fact, even if you have users who work from home or in another State, as long as they periodically have access to the Internet, all of the information in the master company version of ACT! Premium 2013 can be synchronized with the remote user (any user who is off-site and not in the Office) so that everyone always has the most current information about a contact.

For users in the Office, any updates to a Contact record are immediate and in real time.  ACT! Premium 2013 supports field level locking so if two different users are in the same contact record, only one user will be able to edit a field (like the phone number) at a time.  All users can make updates regardless of if they are in or out of the Office.   ACT! Premium 2013 will review all of the changes by each user and make sure the latest ones are kept.

[Note:  A certain amount of common sense is required here.  Two different users can update “notes” on the same contact and both sets of updates will be kept.  However, if two users change the “office phone number” in the same contact record, the change completed at the latest time will be the one reflected.   For example, if a user in the Office changes the phone number of a contact at 1pm, and then another user who is out of the Office and working off-site (perhaps at a client) changes the phone number in that same contact record at 1:15pm, the latest change, the one at 1:15pm will be the phone number in that contact record.  The earlier change at 1pm will be overwritten.]

The key advantage of ACT! Premium 2013 as a Customer Relationship Management solution is that it enables you to remain 100% productive regardless of if you in the office and connected to your company server or if you are on the road and working from the beach between meetings.   Whenever Internet access is available, ACT! Premium 2013 will automatically synchronize updates between your Mobile Warriors and the Office.

In real life, “Clouds” come and go. With ACT! Premium 2013, it is always a clear Blue Sky.

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