Web Applications

Palmer Computer Services Inc offers the following web applications:


• Courtweb is a publically accessible “convenience of the Court” system designed to permit Chambers to upload opinions and other relevant case information that can be monitored by subscribers via a watchlist. The public at large or interested parties can search for activity on a case by specific docket number, judge or full text search.
Visit http://www.nysd.uscourts.gov/courtweb

P.O.E.M.M – Palmer Online Entry and Membership Management System

• POEMM is a fully featured web based system suitable for managing the application entry and payment process. It includes a complete membership management system capable of tracking member information, payment status, and renewals.

Online Video Entry and Balloting System

• This system allows users to fill-in an online entry form and upload the corressponding video or audio file. Administrators can assign entries to judges who can review the entry using the REAL player and interactively complete a ballot form about the entry. Safeguards assure that judges can be required to review the entire video file and to guarantee that ballots are anonymous – if so desired. System allows balloting to be assigned on a curve.