U.S. Federal Courts

Palmer Computer Services Inc has been providing hardware and software sales, web hosting, application development, and consulting services to the U.S. Federal Courts and Federal Public Defenders since 1988.

We have been there since the beginning of the transition from IBM Selectrics and Wang Wordprocessors to the first IBM PC compatible computers running MS-DOS; the first local area networks and Novell File Servers; the first remote access solutions; the first wireless building to building wide area network connection; cc:Mail; GroupWise; Lotus Notes; the building of the DCN; and today’s utilization of the Internet to make the Courts more accessible.

Our history gives us a unique perspective and understanding of The US Federal Court System and Federal Public Defenders Office from the smallest office of five to the combined building housing multiple Court agencies and a thousand people.

Prior to the National Contracts, which were a natural progression for the economies of scale, we were a key vendor for delivering network infrastructure and remote access solutions.

Today we provide a number of US Federal Courts and Federal Public Defenders’ offices with web hosting, web application development, and special web project services.

Please contact us for details on these special services.

We still maintain media for certain legacy US Court and Federal Public Defender Contracts related to cc:Mail and WordPerfect.