Is your Wireless Router not going the Distance?

Linksys Wireless RouterAre you having problems with your Wireless Router and access to the Internet?  Do you find that wireless (WiFi) coverage in your home or apartment is not what it used to be?  Do file or movie downloads and general web browsing just seem to take longer?  If so, then it may be time to replace your Wireless Router with a new one.

With the reduction in cost comes a general reduction in quality and longevity.  Wireless and Wired Routers tend to get placed in dusty closets, under desks, or on shelves.  The combination of lack of ventilation and heat bakes the internal components and weakens them to the point where they start to degrade and eventually fail.

There is a reason the manufacturers only provide a one or two year warranty as that is the expected lifespan.  Even if your Internet connection and Wireless connectivity continue to work, once you start to see performance issues, you should think about replacing or upgrading your Wireless or Wired Router.

Another telltale sign of heat taking its’ toll is to look at the case of the Router and see if the color of the plastic has started to change to yellow or brown. Using your nose, do you smell a burnt smell near the vent holes?  If so, you are seeing and smelling the effects of the heat baking your Router.

If your Wireless Router uses 802.11b or 802.11g, which is usually marked right on the case, you are using an older wireless communication standard with both slower speeds and a shorter range.  The current standard is 802.11n and many manufacturers have incorporated a series of enhancements in the antenna technology to improve the range and performance beyond the standard.

If your Wireless Router is more than two years old and not using the 802.11n standard, it may not be going the distance and it is time to replace it with current generation technology.

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