Microsoft Surface Tablet Announced

Microsoft Surface Tablet with CoversToday, June 18th, 2012, Microsoft announced their NEW Surface 10.6″ Tablet featuring Windows 8 with an embedded keyboard and track-pad built in to the cover.  Feature for feature, it would appear that the new Surface Tablets from Microsoft will meet or exceed the specifications of the market leading Apple iPads.

Microsoft is one of the few companies that has the expertise in managing software developer partnerships so as to be able to deliver the total tablet experience in a similar manner to Apple.  Another key area where Microsoft Surface Tablets could pull ahead is in connectivity to the corporate world.  Although the Apple iPad has done an excellent job of creating applications for business and even connecting to Enterprise resources, the fact is Corporate America still predominately operates in a “Windows World.”  To that end, Apple may have consumers locked in to a total IOS and Mac Operating System environment, seamlessly syncing and connecting all Apple devices such as the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Mac, and MacBook but that seamless connectivity starts to get shaky in a corporate environment.   There are few, if any, options for managing Apple IOS and Mac devices in the corporate environment.  After all, it used to be called the “Apple Personal Computer” before it became just plan Apple Computer and now Apple.

Microsoft Windows Sphere LogoIt will be really interesting to watch how Microsoft “connects” the Surface Tablet to the Microsoft Windows Servers and Windows Desktops that run America and perhaps offer a nearly identical, seamlessly connected experience similar to Apple.  There may be many more iPads shipped than any other tablet but there are many more Windows based computers deployed in business than anything else for the new Microsoft Surface Tablet to connect with – and that could be the real potential driving change in the marketplace.

To visit the Microsoft Surface Tablet Launch Site, click here.

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