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Dot Com Under ConstructionSo how is built?  Even though I have the technical skill to build and design a web site from scratch, I wanted to focus on creating the content, not the technology.  I wanted a site that had a professional “look and feel” and that I could add features to without requiring any custom programming.  And, most importantly, it had to be an extensible platform that I could put up in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.  The answer was WordPress.

WordPress LogoInstalling the WordPress platform took less than ten minutes.  For many web hosting packages, adding in a WordPress site is a “one-click” install, and then just a few minutes to answer some basic configuration questions like: Web Site Name, Time Zone, and Preferred Date Format – along with setting up the Admin user and password.

Genesis Theme Framework LogoNext, I decided to purchase the Genesis WordPress Design Framework and Theme Pro Plus Pack from and selected the “News Child Theme.”  The advantage of this commercial package is that it is already Search Engine Optimized, offers a Turn-Key Design with dozens of built-in Widgets (similar to WordPress Plug-In’s) that extend the functionality of the design (think fancy menu bar options), and it is unlimited use, which means I can use it on any site I create.  (Individual Themes can be purchased as well and are very competitively priced.)

Within approximately four hours I was able to build in its’ entirety with all of the static content (everything you see in the top menu bar) and begin to post my first dynamic content article (blog and categories sections.)

Anyone can easily put a web site up at Bitnami Web Hosting and Amazon Web Services for Free (for the first year.)  See how you can do that too by reading my post on the subject here.

Technical Disclosure Note:  Although I am an expert in the installation of WordPress and Web Hosting, you do not need anywhere near my capability level to experience a similar outcome of being able to install and configure WordPress with a Theme of your choice and be “up and running” within one day with your new web site.

Official WordPress Site:

Genesis Theme Framework from Studio Press


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