Becoming the “Jason Palmer” on Google

Google Search Magnifying GlassAnyone who meets me would never confuse me with any other Jason Palmer.  In fact, people say that I make a strong first impression that makes me virtually unforgettable – all good of course.  You may read in to that as you will but it is along the lines of “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.  And that brings us to a new series of articles on becoming “the” Jason Palmer on Google.

For the past twenty-five years of my career, I have been virtually invisible.   To use a term of art, I was “off-the-grid” and nowhere is that more apparent then if you try to find me in a Google Search.  Much of my consulting work has been for high profile accounts where being below the radar and discrete is good form.  Almost all of my work has come from referrals where I am a well-known quantity prior to the introduction, and my credentials and references, if even asked for, are more than sufficient for me to be essentially hired before I actually meet the client.  You could say in my field that I am a little like the “A-Team”, if you have a job, and you can find me, I can definitely help you.  And there in lies the issue:  Since most of my work comes from referrals, you have to know someone who knows me to find me.

To that end, approximately two weeks ago I decided to start to make myself visible on the Internet – Google specifically.  There is no magic bullet but there are specific tried and true techniques that I will be sharing to demonstrate that one can go from invisible to highly visible in a reasonable period of time.  In fact, the very first article I posted, if you search the proper two keywords, (M451 Error 13 – click here to see the proof), will appear as the very first listing in a Google Search.  That is actually pretty impressive – if you are looking for one of my serious tech articles or what I call “Complex Solutions to Complex Problems.”

However, that simply demonstrates that I have highly specialized knowledge to solve a very specific problem with a very specific solution.  It does nothing in particular for making me “the” Jason Palmer on Google.  Search “Jason Palmer” (click here), and I am buried amongst a sea of “Jason Palmer’s” not appearing until the third page – at least as of the date of this post.

So, how am I going to become “the” Jason Palmer on Google?  The answer?  Incrementally.  First if you look at the title of my site, I am not just “Jason Palmer” but “Jason Palmer – Tech Consultant.”  My name is not so unique that there are not many other “Jason Palmer’s” but by adding the “Tech Consultant” tag line, I can narrow the field.  This change alone, along with two weeks worth of daily posts allows someone to put in “Jason Palmer Tech” (Click here and see) and put me on the first page of Google.

It’s a start.

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